Post 11 – April 24th

What We’ve Done:

We have ramped up our efforts in terms of in-depth interviews and are now up to 20 Skype and written responses. The best method of finding new contacts has been referrals from past interviewees. We feel like we have finally begun to reach a greater cross-section of the Ugandan diaspora! We have finalized the survey(s) and are working on getting it to the right listservs (Yahoo forums, UNAA mailing lists) as well as putting it up on Facebook. Hopefully this will give us enough data for statistical significance as well as further design ideas.

This week, we have been trying to dig deeper into a potential field visit in September. Our options are to visit a conference such as UNAA (New Orleans) or SASA (Toronto) OR find someone to coordinate focus groups for us in places with a high concentration of Ugandans such as as London or Boston OR combine the two efforts. Our goal is to put some work in over the summer developing concepts enough to get feedback on them and/or facilitate participatory design sessions with our user group. Therefore, we are talking to the contacts we’ve made in each of these locations to get a feel for what could be accomplished during a visit. Then, we can get our budget passed along for approval.


We have had a couple no-shows for interviews, but that is to be expected. We are feeling the pressure of a May 20th presentation, especially missing a team member this week, but we are excited to move on to the visioning stage of the process. Sometimes we wish we had a more specific direction to ensure we are asking the right questions in our interviews and surveys, but I feel we can fill in any gaps we find during the proposed field trip.

What’s Next:

Our goal is to wrap up the research phase (including lit review) next Friday and start the analysis phase. Once we have a few solid concepts, we will present them to the client as well as our proposed budget. If necessary, we will re-visit a competitive analysis of the space in which our favorite concept belongs. The semester-end report and website are currently under construction.

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