Post 10 – April 16th, 2015

What we’ve done:

These last days we’ve been exploring even more ways of getting in touch with Ugandan diaspora (and even with Ugandans living in Uganda) to get more insights for our research. New ways we’re trying are posting the surveys in popular forums in Facebook and Yahoo Groups, exploring the Amazon’s mTurk platform, posting in popular social news platforms like Reddit, Tumblr, Craigslist and Ugandan newspapers.

We’ve been doing more interviews and so far we have completed 11 interviews with Ugandan diaspora members. Also we got two emails answering our questions from other diaspora members. All of these interviews have brought us many insights but we still want to push for more interviewees, especially from different social classes so we can get a better picture of their needs.

We also did a very insightful brainstorming session to get some concepts around our research. Most of our concepts are focused around mentorship, diaspora aid, local and foreign awareness and basically, Ugandan needs. We concluded our session with some storyboard visioning exercises.

We found around 9 relevant books as literature review for our diaspora research focus and we’ll decide which ones to read this weekend.

We finished two digital surveys (using Typeform), one for the Ugandan diaspora community and one for the Ugandan local community. We are expecting to get many replies using this digital medium.



Doing the interviews is a very long process and requires time and attention. We’ve been trying to get high quality data in a short period of time but we’re still struggling with the biased diaspora Ugandans sample. We are exploring two new ways to get working class diaspora Ugandans: A contact we have in a Ugandan institution that helps students to study abroad and one of our interviewees who has many contacts within that group.


Next Steps:

We want to define our concept in the next few weeks and we’re going to start woking on the Spring deliverables: Website, report, etc. We are also going to have a meeting with Chris to update him with our findings and with the quantity/quality of our interviews.

We are also exploring three interesting Ugandan diaspora events that are going to happen in London, New Orleans and Boston. These events could be a great source of insights for our research and an interesting travel point for our team.


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