Post 24 – December 4th

What We Did:

We’ve made a lot of progress this week. Let’s take each deliverable one by one:

-Video: all the London and Funchal footage has been sorted, cut, and somewhat pieced together over a first draft voiceover. We purchased an After Effects template to save time creating cool animated WhatsApp messenger bubbles and have a few more ideas for kinetic typography. We’ve chosen and purchased the background music as well. The first draft was 03:15 minutes and we’ve cut it down now to 02:45.

-Book: Jenn has assigned everyone specific visuals and we’ve shared writing responsibilities. Our outline was approved with minor adjustments, so we’ve been forging ahead and using it as the basis for our presentation outline. Today the text will start to be laid out in InDesign for critique Tuesday morning.

-Website(s): Juan and Nalena met up to design and code the /envision (new name and logo!) splash page. It matches our overall color palette and invites users to sign up and see how the system works. The backend is all in place and working!! Next up, is finalizing our team website with lots of process pics, a timeline, and giving any visitor a good overall impression of how much work and research we’ve dedicated to the project.

-Presentation: we’re hoping to mostly re-use past slides. The biggest issue now is where in the outline our video and demo should go as that will dictate the rest of the structure. Right now, we’re thinking only 2-3 people will present. The 2-minute madness is ready to go.


Edit, edit, edit! I think our biggest challenges is keeping all the pieces of the project succinct and harmonious. We could probably cut down the video and book text even more. We want to keep all our deliverables as informative, but mostly¬†engaging as possible. We need to emphasis and repeat certain parts, but know when to gloss over some unnecessary details. The hardest part while we’re all knee-deep in the project is to take a step back and see if someone who know nothing about our project can follow everything we present.

Up Next:

We have a calendar for the march to the finish. Juan will be on an especially tight deadline coding the team website, putting the finishing touches on the video, and completing the demo. We obviously have a good working prototype right now, but we’ll see how much further we can take it in the next week or so towards a MVP-level of finishing. We plan on having discussionS with Chris regarding the future of the project and business options moving forward. See you at the final presentation on December 17th!

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