Post 21- November 13th

What we did:

This week we prepared for our trip to London, this included prototyping, creating a usability script, and a video script/shot list.

For the prototyping we implemented all of the features we had discussed and wanted to test. This also forced us to think through each detail on how the system should work. The bot now has you follow a tutorial, has an automated checklist, has a normal checklist, and status reminders, in addition to the profile questions, which had already been implemented.

For the usability script we found areas we wanted to test and built a script around it. We decided to not only get feedback at the end of the testing but throughout the process after every one or two tasks the user completed. We also had them answer some general questions at the end where they described the service in their own words and gave any general feedback. For the tasks we also created task sheets instead of just reading out loud what they needed to do, this simplified the process and was a good referral point for the users. Before going to London we tested the script with Tiana to make sure the order and process made sense.

For our video we created a script of the narrative and what goes in each shot. We had a lot of discussion on what type of video we wanted, whether it followed the journey of one person or if it just used text and images that described the product. In the end we decided to follow the journey of one person, as we felt that it would create a more compelling story.

We also confirmed and scheduled users to do testing with while in London. Each of us has a few contacts and Jenn has a put of a lot of time and effort into finding African graduate students.


We had some challenges creating the prototype and had to create “oz” commands to make things happen at certain points in the process. We also wanted to make bot smarter, but were devoid of time to make it happen.

Next Steps:

Next week we are in London where we will be doing testing and shooting film.

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