Post 22 – November 20th

What We Did:

Welcome to London! We have been running around for the past four days holding 30-45 minute usability tests with users, shooting for the video, and attending an event at the Uganda High Commission. We’ve spoken with grad students who have moved from: Kenya, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nigeria, Guatemala, and Puerto Rico.

We’ve identified a number of issues, involving memorability, conventions, help & documentation, continuity, and unfamiliarity. Unsurprisingly, a number of people were tripped up by the backslash, which is necessary to execute the command. Several people could only remember a couple of commands after using the tutorial, which worked out fine for those who could remember the /help hot key. That needs to be emphasized more in general.

At the Grow Movement event at the Uganda High Commission, we learned more about the challenges and successes of this parallel program which does small business mentorship over Skype. It was inspiring to see some real progress made, and good to hear about the real challenges as well (e.g. absenteeism). We learned that some of the mentorship was moving over to What’s App, due to it’s popularity in developing countries. Furthermore, we got some good feedback from Eunice, founder of the Africa Technology & Business Meetup in London, who we’ve been corresponding with since January. She mentioned opportunities to monetize our platform with banks, NGO’s, and charities.


The usability sessions turned out really well. We have a  lot of good feedback; now it’s a matter of parsing and synthesizing it, and deciding what to incorporate.

Next Steps:

We need to incorporate a lot of the feedback received from the usability sessions, such as greater emphasis on the most important information (e.g. /help), amplifying the visa section, and considering two chat streams (1 for bot, 1 for mentor). Separately, we should shift our attention next to exploring and defining the mentor experience (e.g. onboarding, the mentor community, providing suggested topics, introduction to the mentee).

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