Post 17- October 16th

What we did:

This week we decided to travel to London during mid-November to do user testing and get video footage.  We looked at different flight options/accommodations, and got approval from Simone. We also started researching different areas the Ugandan Diaspora live in and what schools we could reach out to.

We also prepared a mentee quiz and disseminated an email inviting future Portugal students to sign up for a mentor program with students that are already in Portugal.  In the end we had 12 out of 16 students sign up for the program.

We worked further on defining our personal portal and verification process.  The idea behind the portal is that it will guide them through the process of choosing schools and then applying to them through timelines, checklists, etc.  For the verification we want to make sure that the person is truly interested in becoming a mentor/mentee and is trustworthy.

We created a customer journey map for Jude to better understand the high and low points for him during the process of applying to school abroad.  We found that he did have a lack of access to resources and people to help guide him, especially when applying to graduate schools in the United States.


We found that we didn’t have sufficient people that we’ve interviewed regarding applying to school in the United States so we are reaching out to our network to identify more people.  

Next Steps:

We need to book our London Trip.  We will be matching the mentors and mentees with each other, understanding what’s most important for the match.  We will also speak to Chris about where we are in the design process and present some of our current ideas.

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