Post 16 – October 9th

What we did:  This week, we are preparing for our quarter-semester presentation, user-testing for content, and preparing a low-fi prototype. We were inspired by the textiles we saw displayed by vendors at the UNAA convention, so we are rebranding ourselves based on those colors/patterns for all forthcoming presentations and reports. We sent out a few questions to select members of our user base regarding challenges, research, and funding of moving abroad to incorporate in our designs. About half responded. In addition, we interviewed Jude Mukundane, RootIO’s software developer about his process applying to schools. We completed two activities: one to display a visual journey map and another to sort the features he thinks are important for our concept.
We sketched our ideas for the website and cut them up to move them around on the board. The technology we are considering is still in flux. It depends on how far of reach we are aiming for – we’re considering a “lite” version completely utilizing Whatsapp. Our prototypes are currently in grayscale, stationary web format using Sketch.
Challenges:  The main challenge is to come up with a nice “wow” factor that really differentiates our product and give the content more focus. Then we can work on the overall information architecture, which the team has diverging opinions on.
Next steps: We need to further plan and recruit for user testing and narrow the features down to what we can realistically build by the end of the semester. Also, we plan on experience prototyping the match and mentorship model between ourselves and the incoming Pittsburgh-Portugal students.

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