Post 15 – October 1

What we’ve done

Based on our current three concepts (A, B and C) and Chris’ feedback, we came up with many new concepts after a lot of brainstorming. We made different storyboards of these approaches and we ended up voting for our top 5. We made storyboards of these five concepts and showed them to Chris and Jude. Yes, Jude is here in Madeira. He came to visit the island and to keep up with his work in RootIO and other projects. He presented RootIO in conferences in Paris and Lisbon before coming here.

Jude and Chris commented about our new concepts and they found a potential direction combining our Concept C (mentor matching) with one of the new concepts (Concept 4, which was a Diaspora Network Storytelling website). We are really excited to finally have a direction and start iterating (quickly) around it.


Obstacles/What’s Next

We still need to define a concept although having a direction is very encouraging. We are going to iterate in the next few days to define our merged concept and start working on the short term deliverables (Lo-fi prototype, presentation, etc.). We are also planning on sending some questions to selected Ugandan diaspora members that will be related to these concepts. Things are looking better.

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